What is Jeep’s Trail-Rated?

December 28th, 2023 by

You may have noticed the Trail-Rated badge that usually adorns every Jeep car. While everybody has an idea that trial-rated means superior off-roading capabilities, you may wonder what exactly qualifies a car to earn the trail-rated badge. Jeep’s trail-rated badge is given to models that perform well in these five categories –

Jeep believes that articulation is all about maintaining balance across any surface. It helps the car keep the tires planted on the ground, which means that more articulation ensures higher flexibility. A car with a flexible suspension can easily move onto non-paved roads and avoid obstacles on the road. The high level of vertical wheel travel prevents you from getting stuck on rocky, murky, or even slippery surfaces.

Ground Clearance
Every automobile meant for off-roading purposes requires superior ground clearance, which refers to the distance between the undercarriage of the vehicle and the road. If the vehicle does not offer adequate separation, it can lead to severe damage while driving on rocky and tricky terrains. Jeep thus ensures superior ground clearance by taking care of the approach, break over, and departure angles as well.

An important measure of a vehicle’s capability to off-road is maneuverability. This factor decides how well it can endure sharp turns and move around obstacles while cruising on challenging trails. The efficiency of the wheelbase, as well as precise and responsive steering, are important elements that go into deciding the maneuvering prowess of a car.

Off-roading vehicles are built with superior traction in mind. The main issue with driving off-road, however, is that the car is more prone to losing balance and straying from the designated path. Jeep cars are designed for superior traction – be it snow, sand, or even slippery mud. Its products can maintain grip and facilitate superior handling no matter the condition of the road.

Water Fording
One of the most enjoyable aspects of off-roading vehicles is the ability to drive across smaller streams and shallow water bodies. Jeep cars offer ideal water fording capabilities that bring about a fun-filled driving experience. These capabilities vary across each model, so it is best to check with your dealer before you take the car out for a spin.

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