Jeep 4x4 Systems

 Jeep 4x4

Jeep 4x4 Systems

Jeep vehicles use a variety of 4x4 systems on all their vehicles. They are known for their excellent off-roading capabilities and superior design. Moreover, Jeep’s 4x4 system allows its models to maintain the utmost traction and stability while driving on slippery, rocky, or uneven roads.

What is 4x4 technology?
Jeep’s 4x4 technology enables the engine to supply power to all four wheels. The output is distributed based on which single wheel or pair of wheels requires most traction while cruising on a slippery surface. With superior maneuverability, these 4x4 systems make Jeep cars the ideal vehicle for all kinds of terrain.

Here are some Jeep 4x4 systems –
• Command Trac Technology
Command Trac’s “shift-on-the-fly” feature provides the driver with manual ease while still performing as a 4WD. The mode is meant to be used only on rocky and slippery surfaces. In this system, the front and rear axels split 50 percent of the torque to enable the car to retain stability across all surfaces.

• Rock Trac Technology
The features on the Rock Trac technology are very similar to those on the Command Trac. The primary difference is that the Rock-Trac uses the New Venture Gear NV241OR, which adds locking differentials as well as a 4:1 low gear ratio. The locking differentials have also shifted from air-actuation to electric-actuation.

• Quadra
Jeep’s Quadra-Trac system can be found on their famous Jeep Grand Cherokee. This system requires no shifting and no drover input, making it absolutely simple to drive. It also offers optimum traction and is built for easy maneuverability. The brake lock differentials control wheel rotation side to side across the axels for enhanced traction. Furthermore, all of the wheels spin at the same rate for added stability.

• Quadra Trac SRT
This advanced system is equipped with five different dynamic modes that customize performance based on the road surface. These are – Auto, Sport, Track, Snow, and Tow. These different settings add enhanced body control as well as better handling prowess. Jeep’s 4x4 systems are at the top of the game when it comes to driving capabilities and enhanced stability. Visit your nearest Jeep showroom to know more about Jeep’s incredible off-roading capabilities.

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