Unleaded, Diesel, and Ethanol Fuel | What’s the Difference?

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Unleaded, Diesel, and Ethanol Fuel | What’s the Difference?

There are many fuels that can fill up your car tank. Usually, the most common options are unleaded gasoline, diesel, and ethanol fuel. In this article, we discuss the differences between unleaded, diesel, and ethanol fuel.

Unleaded gasoline is more commonly known as gas or petrol. It is the most widely used fuel for vehicles across the globe, and also the cheapest. Although the price of gas fluctuates often, unleaded gasoline is always less expensive than diesel or ethanol. Basically, unleaded gasoline does not contain any lead-based additives. In the US, it is the only type allowed and has been so ever since the mid-1980s. So all gasoline that you get today is unleaded.

Diesel is another common type of fuel that we see today. Like unleaded gasoline, it is also made from distilling crude oil. However, diesel can be used only in certain vehicles. Generally, cars and trucks which run on diesel enjoy about 30 percent better mileage than those vehicles that run on unleaded gasoline. The downside is that diesel is not the most environment-friendly. In fact, diesel-powered models produce the highest amount of emissions compared to other types of vehicles. But fortunately, they release about 10 to 20 percent fewer pollutants owing to the fact that they are much more efficient. Many drivers prefer diesel-powered vehicles as they can deliver more power thanks to an enhanced torque. This means that you have better acceleration, which then translates to a better overall driving experience.

Ethanol fuel
Ethanol fuel is made from ethyl alcohol. It is the same type of alcohol that you find in alcoholic drinks, just that it has been converted to usable fuel. Out of all the types that we have discussed here, ethanol fuel is the most environment-friendly. Ethanol-powered vehicles produce much lower emissions than cars and trucks that run on unleaded gasoline or diesel. Besides, ethanol is made from corn, which makes it a renewable source of energy. Today, ethanol is often combined with regular gasoline by gas companies. However, to receive this mixture, your vehicle requires a flexible-fuel engine.

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